For Employers

We will look after you as an employer

To encourage employers to recruit disabled people, organisations such as ours have to make it as easy as possible for them to do so.   By dispelling the myths around employing disabled people and highlighting the many social and commercial benefits, employers will become more confident and benefit from recruiting from a wider pool of talent.

Working together, with our employer partners, will be build the necessary processes and policies to simplify the recruitment process and aid the retention of disabled employees as well as those who have caring responsibilities for others. 

We will do this by:

Provide smarter, more inclusive recruitment campaigns

  • understanding of ‘Positive (sometimes called Affirmative) Action’ 
  • identify and build relationships with specialised local and national recruitment services
  • provide more flexible application processes
  • train staff to be more confident when interviewing disabled people
  • identity barriers to current interview or assessment arrangements
  • write more inclusive and targeted job descriptions
  • assist with ‘Disability Confident’ Accreditation

Supporting disabled employees at work

  • integrate the RAMP (Reasonable Adjustments Management Process) into the workplace 
  • adopt the TRAA (Tailored Reasonable Adjustments Agreements) employee led disability passport
  • review employee policies to avoid indirect discrimination
  • create ‘Disability Leave’ and ‘Disability Sickness Absence’ policies
  • build accessibility into the employee corporate design specifications
  • Write ‘Access Statements’ and office environment reviews
  • assist with reaching the ‘Disability Confident’ Employer or Leader accreditation

Create a more accessible environment

  • create disability Employee Resource Groups (staff support networks)
  • integrate accessibility into the employee corporate design specifications
  • improve accessibility for customer facing departments
  • review and advise on accessible website design
  • carry out ‘Access Statements’ and other office environment reviews
  • improve signage and way-finding around building locations.

Disabled lady in wheelchair sitting at her office desk