Welcome to 'B Reason-ABLE CIC'

B Reason-Able is a ‘no frills’ organisation that genuinely loves working with disabled people and employers alike.  We are disabled people who have lived personal experience and over 40 years combined specialist experience, who want to be a positive force for change for other disabled people.

We pride ourselves on cutting out the unnecessary waffle and getting straight down to identifying what is required to assist employers to recruit and support disabled people.  Because we know that everyones time is precious we don’t believe in wasting it on unnecessary bloated processes.

We are very proud of our heritage, and with over 40 years of combined experience, we have been very successful in supporting disabled people in the workplace both within the public and private sectors.

Our Vision

With over 2 million disabled people of working age in the UK looking for employment, we find ourselves with a unique opportunity for employers to fill those stubborn vacancies whilst at the same time improving the diversity of their workforce.

The Governments own ‘Health to Work’ programme aims to return over 1 million disabled people back into work by 2030.

At ‘B Reason-ABLE’we aim to improve the employment outcomes for disabled people.  We know, that by working with both disabled people and employers, we can encourage them to build their knowledge and confidence to bring them together and create successful working partnerships.

  • provide the tools disabled people need to build their confidence to talk about their disability
  • provide the knowledge that disabled people need, to know what to expect from employers in the way of support when applying for jobs, and consequently, the support they need to keep them
  • provide the tools for employers to build their confidence and give them the support they need to successfully recruit and retain the skills of disabled people
  • reduce the number of instances where disabled employees face capability, sickness/absence or other performance related procedures and the prospect of returning to unemployment

By giving both disabled people and employers the knowledge to know what support they need and where to get it, we can be more proactive in working to reduce the number of disabled people who are currently out of work.

The Skills Gap

The bottom line is that employers are finding it increasingly difficult to recruit people generally, let alone employ those who have the exact skills they need.  So employers are having to ‘poach’ staff from other companies which is often more expensive and can push up salaries.

This shortage of prospective employees is only likely to get worse with all the confusion over Brexit.

However there is no need for employers to do any of this…..

And the solution is?

Work with us a ‘B Reason-ABLE‘ and help tap into the massive pool of available talent … disabled people